Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Combining the honey tones of two of South Africa's trademarks ...

The majestic yellow wood tree is the national tree of South Africa, and rightly so. True to the adage “slow and steady wins the race”, this slow growing tree forms a wood of exceptional quality, while decking its branches with the pale yellow-gold leaves that have earned it its name.

Our sumptuous Yellowwood Room is aptly named, offering an elegant and hospitable escape from the bustle of modern life. Well-appointed with a king-sized bed and a gold-hued living area, this peaceful private room is your perfect honeymoon suite.

Romantically-inclined guests can take advantage of our honeymoon package, which includes all the essentials for a romantic escape, from sparkling wine to scented candles, floral flowers to decadent chocolate. Bliss!

Waking up from a rejuvenating rest in your luxuriously proportioned Yellowwood Room bed, top up your tank with a delicious breakfast and then it's time to take in the sites and sounds of Durban. What better tribute to Durban's ingenuity and leisurely lifestyle than a sample of KZN's fantastic beer route? This great tour allows you the unparalleled opportunity to sample a range of unique and delicious beers, each with its own distinctive flavour. The tour takes you on an easy-going amble through the magnificent Zulu kingdom, letting you enjoy the wonders of home-brewed beer from smaller boutique breweries in park-like gardens and relaxed surroundings.

Home-cooked meals and chef-prepared delicacies are available at many of the micro-breweries, and are certainly worth the taste bud effort. The brewers and their teams offer a wealth of knowledge about both the beautiful area and the subtle nuances of the beer brewing process. Combine your adventure with a fascinating journey into the secrets that go into one of the staples of South African “chilling out”.
Our recommendations for Top Five Microbreweries include:
  • Robson’s (Shongweni) - Valley of a Thousand Hills – famous for their Durban Pale Ale, we also recommend the coriander spiced wheat beer. Delicious!
  • Quills - Botha’s Hill – offering no less than five distinctive brews, and often more, Quills at the 1000 Hills Chef School is rapidly becoming an institution in Durban's Outer West
  • Unity Brasserie’s Signature “Cow Bell”- Musgrave - Although not technically a micro-brewery, Robson's delicious Cow Bell Pilsner is brewed specifically for Unity Brasserie's collection, and rounds out the menu nicely. It's helpful to have great beer so close to your lodgings, too.
  • Nottingham Road - Midlands – perfect for the adventurer keen to wander further afield, this award-winning brewery is complemented by breathtaking scenery and craft shopping opportunities.
  • Mtunzini Brewery- Eshowe- if the north coast's rugged wildness is more to your taste, Mtunzini's Eshowe-based brewery is the place to visit. A scenic drive takes you into the heart of Zululand, where you'll be well rewarded by a pint of their award-winning English Bitter or Chilli Blonde.

Of course, no tour of KZN's beer route would be complete without a visit to South Africa's favourite: SA Breweries. This is a tour you'll be sure to remember. Officially tipped as the second biggest brewer in the world, SAB has operations around the country and the Prospecton operation boasts one of the Southern hemisphere's most modern breweries. Call 031 910 1111 to book your guided tour of SA Breweries in Propsecton.

Your day out and about sampling the delights of KZN artisanal food and drink and South Africa's finest is rounded out by the enticing prospect of another unhurried evening in the Yellowwood Room at Anchor's Rest, giving you the rest and rejuvenation your busy lifestyle needs.

Book your stay with us today or call us on (31) 561 7380 and get a taste of KZN's finest in accommodation and ambling adventure. Email enquiries@anchorsrest.co.za and we'll answer all your questions.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dolphin and Whale Viewing

Experiencing the thrill of dolphin viewing on the shore of Umhlanga Rocks is a memory to be treasured. Spotting whales, whale sharks and other dolphins is far from uncommon in Umhlanga Rocks and it's a magical treat viewing these mammals in their natural habitat. 
Off the coast of Umhlanga you can enjoy watching playful dolphins frolicking in the wake created by your boat, with Humpback whales passing by in their annual migration to their breeding grounds in Hermanus.
Marine biologists have been whale watching for years with the aim of monitoring the breeding patterns and behaviour of the largest mammal in the world. You don't have to be a marine biologist to go whale watching.  Anyone can do it, thanks to experienced skippers and local tour companies. 

South Africa has some of the best whale and dolphin watching spots in the world. In some locations around South Africa fantastic views can be obtained from rock edges and cliffs, which is ideal for those who may suffer from sea sickness and don't want to go out in a boat. 

There are over 37 species of whales and dolphins in the seas surrounding South Africa, which is a great reason to come back time and time again to view these magnificent mammals to see something new each time.

A day spent in or on the water is a perfect outing for the whole family, watching these graceful creatures glide by, which will give you happy memories for years to come.

We recommend the boat trips organised by the Sharks Board as this gives you the opportunity to go out to sea and watch the shark safety gear being checked by experienced staff early in the morning.  This two hour trip is an extraordinary experience to also see Durban's beachfront in the early morning light with the sun just rising over the ocean. 

Sharks Board boats out at sea off the coast of Durban returning from a working trip

For dolphin and whale viewing we recommend Durban Charter Boat Bookings as they have a variety of boats available and can also take you out on sailing and boat cruises, as well as fishing trips.

A unique experience for anyone to see these magnificent whales close up

A magnificent whale breaching off the beach of Umhlanga Rocks
A playful dolphin showing the grace and agility they are so well known for
A pair of dolphins frolicking in the warm Indian Ocean water

Dolphins gracefully swimming in the ocean