Sunday, 24 July 2016

Running Wild

“Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived.”
― Dean Karnazes | Read Online.
Let's eat out in Umhlanga!
Your feet pound the earth in rhythm with your beating heart. Every step drives you unrelentingly forward. No two steps are alike. The paved promenade gives way to the African jungle, like a first-hand return to entropy in the middle of an average workweek. But there’s nothing average about this run. The jungle breaks and you’re on the beach ... feet pounding … heart thumping …

The sandy seashore slows you down, working every muscle in ways you never knew they could be worked. The beach, with its soft sand, is hard going for everyone.

But the run draws you on.

The rhythm of the run evaporates your stress like the ancient beat of an African drum.

Finally, your body, running on autopilot as your runner’s high takes you through the stratosphere, finds its way back to the bricks, back to the promenade. Back to base.

This is trail running.

Trail running is a relative newcomer to the worlds of sport and fitness. It’s running, sure … but seasoned with adventure and new experiences. 

Why Trail Running?

Trail running burns 10 percent more calories than more conventional jogging. It also improves balance and makes athletes more agile. Trail runners have to avoid rocks, circuit puddles, dodge branches and more - making trail running a much tougher workout.

Also, trail running works different muscles with each and every step. The range of long and short strides strengthen hips and ankles. Interesting, trail running causes less impact on joints.

It’s the way we were designed to run.

Loved by the Pros

Even professional runners add the occasional (or frequent) trail run to their workout programme. Runners at every level find that trail running reduces the risk of injuries.
Above all, though: it’s fun!

Running Deep Near Durban’s Not-So-Deep Waters

Umhlanga’s trail runs are among the most popular in the world - and with good reason. These trail runs cover a lot of different terrain:

Every run starts on the Umhlanga’s pristine promenade. The shorter run winds its way through the coastal forest, onto the beach, then back onto the promenade.

The 12km and 18km runs leave the promenade to beat a track onto the roads. Urban gives way to agricultural as they make their way through the cane fields where they cross over the N2 motorway. Each run winds back underneath the motorway. This is where runners really get their feet wet, running through a stretch of lagoon.
Morning Beach Run
Water Under The Bridge
Through the Cane Fields
Getting Your "Me" Time
They make their way onto Umhlanga’s gorgeous beach, and then finally back onto the promenade.

Trail running is the perfect way to workout both body and mind .. and Anchor’s Rest is the perfect base. Come and stay with us while you pound the promenade.

Or try something new by throwing in a trail run the next time you visit us.

We’ll go the extra mile to make your stay a delight.
Book here or call us on +27 (0) 31 561 7380.

We’ll see you soon!

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