Thursday, 14 May 2015

Where winters are warm ...

It's darkest before the dawn -
but beautiful and amazingly safe.

One of our diligent lifeguards
shines a light on the dawn with the
lights from his car.

We're not the only ones drawn to the
beach and the early morning sun.

The end is in sight!
Umhlanga's iconic lighthouse is a welcome
landmark at the end of a challenging run. 

Nothing beats an early-morning run. The sky hangs like a curtain of Indigo Velvet, its base skimming an ocean as still as glass. Truthfully, we're not runners. We head out along the promenade at a brisk walk, and then run back home - at least as far as we can. Our efforts are applauded by the dawn. A golden bead of fire kindled on the horizon. Its flames soak into the deep night canvas, and set the sky ablaze.

It's nearly 6 AM. The world glows a pink hello, and already the day is warm.

This is winter in Umhlanga: idyllic.

South Africa's climate is truly enviable. But the weather in Durban is the best of all. Here in Umhlanga, the long, sunny days stretch languidly into the evening dusk. Dawn kindles a warm ocean and stretches across the day like honey, melting lazily into warm evenings that barely demand a light shawl, let alone anything warmer.

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