Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Yumhlanga! Delicious Durban Dining just minutes from Anchor's Rest

The smell of garlic and origanum surfs subtly above the ocean breeze, teasing your senses with a promise of pizza and Italian cooking. The sizzle of fresh steak crisping slightly over the grill plays mouthwatering music in your mind. Exotic island dishes with names that hint at their French origins dance playfully across your tongue, like the most delicious pre-workout warm up you’ve ever imagined. The lure of piping hot curries and fragrant spices beckons the imagination.

The Press Club
Remo's Villagio Steak & Ale

The Press Club
(031) 561-7117
Umhlanga Shopping Centre
185 Ridge Road

Remo’s Villagio
(031) 561-7143
Shop 2/3 Protea Mall
Chartwell Drive
Steak & Ale
(031) 561-7234
15 Chartwell Drive

It’s dinner time!
Get ready to tantalise your taste buds, inhale amazing aromas and masticate mouthwatering menus: we’ve got a treat for you! Over the years, we’ve seen Umhlanga blossom from her humble beginnings as a charming seaside village, into the bustling metropolitan city she is today. While she still nestles her hidden-away seaside lanes and beautiful parks, the heart of Umhlanga pulses with a vibrant energy that makes even the most well-travelled guests feel right at home. Truly cosmopolitan, Umhlanga offers something for everyone’s tastes.
And tastes there are - in abundance. We’ve never been short on delicious eateries here in Umhlanga. And as the city grows into the tantalising tourist destination it’s become, chefs from far and wide, as well as our local ingĂ©nues, have risen to the challenge. Umhlanga now boasts some of the most popular restaurants in KZN … and the best of the bunch are just a few minutes walk from Anchor’s Rest.

Angelo’s Trattoria
(031) 561-3245
Granada Centre, Chartwell Drive

Bar Ba Coa
(031) 561-4106
Lighthouse Mall, Chartwell Drive

(031) 561-2930
Granada Centre, Chartwell Drive

In this month’s news, we’ve included a list of Umhlanga’s best spots on the right. But here are our very favourite, tried and trusted - and tantalisingly tasty:
  • Angelo’sExquisite home-cooked Italian food to ignite your imagination.
  • Little HavanaWorld-class Cuban-inspired grills and seafoods, perfectly paired with the finest wines - all set in an atmosphere of trendy sophistication.
  • Olive & OilFrom the far side of Greece to the other end of Morrocco, the Mediterranean is a hothouse of delicious culinary combinations - all of which find their contented home in Olive & Oil. They put the mmmmm in Mediterranean.
  • FishFresh fish and seafood straight from the sea, in a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Il MauriceFrench cuisine with an Asian/Island twist inspired by the exotic dishes native to Mauritius.
  • The GeorgeClassic pub fare with a charming ambience - the perfect end to a day at the beach.

(031) 561-2912

Protea Mall, Ridge Road

The George Tapas & Wine Bar
(031) 561-5850

The Lighthouse Mall, Chartwell Drive

Little Havana
(031) 561-7589

16 Chartwell Drive

Romantically lit streets, festooned with a hint of ocean mist, scented by the ever-shifting ocean make the perfect pathway to an abundance of appetising destinations just moments away from your home-from-home at Anchor’s Rest. There’s certainly no reason to go hungry in Umhlanga.

Book your stay and tell us your meal preferences. We’ll help you pick the perfect spot for your night out - and even arrange the bookings!

Your room is ready, the perfect spot for a post-prandial sleep. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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Warm regards from balmy mmmmHlanga,

Kashmir Indian Restaurant
(031) 561-7486
McCausland Crescent

Olive & Oil
(031) 561-2618 19
Chartwelll Centre, Chartwell Drive
The Ocean Terrace Restaurant
(031) 514-5000
The Oyster Box Hotel
2 Lighthouse Road

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